CMI Practitioners Association

by Cheryl

To join the CMI Practitioners Association you must be a certified CMI practitioner. Three levels of practitioners are defined by three levels of certification.

Level 1 Practitioner-in-training – has completed at least 100 hours of training and is certified to use CMI as an adjunct to their primary mode of bodywork (i.e. massage therapist, physical therapist, occupational therapist, athletic trainer, yoga teacher, Feldenkrais practitioner, etc.) and to teach CMI classes for the lay client.

Level 2 Practitioner – has completed 200-300 hours and is certified to use CMI as their primary mode of bodywork. 

Level 3 Advanced Practitioner and Practitioner Trainer – has completed more than 300 hours of training and is certified by the National Certification Board of Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork (NCBTMB) as a practitioner trainer.

Dues are paid annually each calendar year, January to December.
Level 1 Entry Level Practitioner-in-Training (100 hours): dues $75
Level 2 Advanced Practitioner (300 hours): dues $100
Level 3 Advanced Practitioner and Trainer: dues $100

Benefits of membership:

All Practitioners:

  • Listing on the Core Movement Integration web site. 
  • Access to “Post-Graduate” classes/seminars with Josef Della Grotte (no price discount)
  • Free listing of your classes on the CMITI Classes Page.
  • Promotion of your class on the CMITI website with a dedicated webpage and payment via PayPal (Additional fees apply. For information contact

Additional Benefit for Level 2 & 3 Advanced Practitioners:

  • 40% discount on any Level 1 seminar or lab

Please Note:  To maintain membership in good standing, all practitioners must accrue a minimum of 10 credit hours per calendar year. These credits may be obtained by attending Grand Labs, Seminar/Labs, Workshops, Pathways Plus classes, Individual Training, and Advanced Courses offered in Italy. Other credits may be accepted at the discretion of the Teaching Team.

Once you have completed and submitted the Association Form, we will send you a link to enable you to pay your dues.

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