What Is Core Movement Integration?

by ad-cmi

CMI is movement education system that provides a foundation for all exercise and performance activities. It also provides therapeutic treatment and education for orthopedic and neurological conditions, repetitive motion injuries, strains, sprains, weakness and pain. To help you feel better CMI works on the whole body, not individual parts, with integration, not isolation.

Practiced internationally, CMI is the result of four decades of work by Dr. Josef DellaGrotte. It combines the best techniques and learnings distilled from many disciplines over the past 40 years – from Feldenkrais to recent somatic science – to enable better posture, a stronger core and greater overall health.

CMI improves body functioning by releasing and reorganizing the skeleton (bones and joints) and soft tissue (muscles, tendons, ligaments, fascia and nerves) into integrated pathways of movement. The purpose is not only to address and decrease pain, but to maintain and to “regenerate” the body through developing integrated functional movements for everyday life. 

Our goal is to help people live better by moving better. CMI’s six movement lesson-exercises, called Pathways, access the innate power of the body and the brain to heal and learn new ways of moving. By altering movement patterns that lead to pain, stiffness and arthritic conditions, overall structural health is improved. Following this program, participants learn to sit, stand, move and sleep more comfortably, and experience a body that truly supports them.

How does CMI change your body with only six lesson-exercises?

Each lesson-exercise:

  • lengthens your whole body in a chain of movement from feet to head.
  • focuses on movement flow that connects one part of your body to the next part of the chain.
  • uses the levering capacity of your skeleton to provide uplift with less effort.
  • engages your body, mind and breath, and increases body awareness.

The Four Basic Concepts of CMI: