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CMITI Course Schedule

Event TitleDate/TimeLocationDescriptionCredits
Masterful MovementsSunday, May 22, 2022
10am – 4pm EDT
On-line and in-personTaught by Josef DellaGrotte and Arthur Madore. See class page for more info.
Pathways Plus 3: Pathways in QuadrupedSunday, April 10, 2022 1pm – 3:30pm EDTExplore Pathways to Wellness, Maynard MASpinal mobilization with Quadruped Pathways and hands-on work.
2.5 credit hours for certification or continuing ed hours to maintain certification
Ease and Comfort at the ComputerSunday, February 6, 2022
1pm – 2:30pm EST
Live via ZoomUse movement to revitalize your brain and body while working at the computer.
Joints and Tissues: Improvement for LifeCompletedLive via ZoomUsing CMI Core Pathway movements to improve both tissues and joints. 
Falls, Slips and Trips — Reduce the RiskCompletedLive via ZoomUse the CMI Six Pathways to stay on your feet! 
Learn CMI Via Zoom: Part OneCompletedLive via ZoomClass for beginners to learn CMI over the course of eight weeks. 
Winter SeriesCompletedLive via ZoomEmbrace Winter with the CMI Pathways: A Three-Part Series of Workshops 
CORE MOVEMENT INTEGRATION – A ‘new dawn’ approach to neuro-functional &
structural pathways
CompletedLive Via ZoomFounder Josef DellaGrotte will demonstrate and describe CMI’s
four simultaneous, integrated (not separated) processes.
Don’t Just Sit There – Move!CompletedLive via ZoomBeen sitting around a lot during 2020? Find out how to sit properly to give your body the most benefit. 
Seminari Postgrad #2/Postgrad Seminar #2 for Italian PractitionersCompletedIn diretta via Zoom con Josef DellaGrotte/ Live via Zoom with Josef DellaGrotte

Polivagale psico-fisico: I fattori postural, energetici’-communicativi per raggiungere e communicare; trasmettere fiducia in se stesso e in rapport con gli altri.
Psycho-physical polyvagal: The postural, energetic-communicative factors to reach and communicate; transmit confidence in oneself and in relationships with others.
La partecipazione a questo seminario è richiesta per mantenere la certificazione CMI./ Attendance at this seminar is required to maintain CMI certification.
Learn CMI via Zoom: Part OneCompletedLive via Zoom with Kimi HasegawaInaugural class for beginners to learn CMI over the course of seven weeks. 
Fun for Feet and Legs with Pool Noodles, Balls and BandsCompletedLive via Zoom for CMI Certified Practitioners, Students and ClientsHave fun using inventive aids while increasing range of motion, connecting motion of the feet, legs and hips, and improving lower extremity functioning. 
Free Zoom Class: Hands-On TechniquesCancelled. We hope to present this in the future.Live via Zoom for CMI Certification Students and Practitioners OnlyWorking on hands-on techniques and honing our teaching via Zoom. 
Deepening Access to Polyvagal EquanimityThis live Zoom class concluded on 6/13/20. A video is now available: click for more info.CMI Founder Josef DellaGrotte will teach live Via ZoomConnecting Pathway Movement ‘Vectors’ with Breathing 
Intro to CMI TBA – Coming SoonCambridgeLearn about the CMI basics and how to use them in your everyday life and with your clients.3 CMI Certification Credits
Foundations – Mapping Body Movement October 2019 seminar completed. 2020 seminar TBA.TBASeminar/hand-on lab. Learn the 6 basic CMI Movement Pathways and the concepts behind them.10 NCBTMB Credits
10 CMI Certification Credits
Hands-On CMI Access Points November 2019 seminar completed. 2020 seminar TBA.TBAClass for CMI Certification students. Practice using the CMI Access Points.3 CMI Certification Credits
Dynamic Stabilization – Connecting Hips, Pelvis and Low Back November 2019 seminar completed. 2020 seminar TBA.TBASeminar/hands-on lab. Improve posture and balance with the CMI Pathways.10 NCBTMB Credits
10 CMI Certification Credits
Optimize Sitting – Connecting Deep Trunk Muscles and Spine January 2020 seminar completed. 2021 seminar TBA.TBASeminar/hands-on lab. Increase sitting comfort and endurance by using the CMI Pathways to make sitting a dynamic activity.10 NCBTMB Credits
10 CMI Certification Credits
CMI and Hypermobility January 2020 seminar completed. 2021 seminar TBA.TBAClass for CMI Certification students. Apply and modify the CMI Pathways to meet the needs of hypermobile clients.3 CMI Certification Credits
Upper Body – Connecting Head-Neck and Spine to Pelvis February 2020 seminar completed. 2021 seminar TBA.TBASeminar/hands-on lab. Improve neck mobility, open ribs and upper chest.10 NCBTMB Credits
10 CMI Certification Credits
Shoulder – Connecting Shoulder-Arm to Ribs, Spine and Pelvis March 2020 seminar completed. 2021 seminar TBA.TBASeminar/hands-on lab. Support shoulder motion with the CMI Pathways 10 NCBTMB Credits
10 CMI Certification Credits
Walking – Connecting Lower Leg to Greater Trochanter and Spine Cancelled. 2021 seminar TBA.TBASeminar/hands-on lab. Use the CMI Pathways to walk more comfortably and efficiently  
Special Zoom Classes with Josef DellaGrotteConcluded in May of 2020. Click below to see Josef’s walking videos on our YouTube Channel.Via ZoomTwo live classes: Walking: The Best Exercise and Integrating the Polyvagal and Posture. Info on video from the Polyvagal II class is here.All are invited, movement professionals and lay persons alike.
Grand Lab with
Josef DellaGrotte
POSTPONED – Date TBDTBAFor CMI practitioners and certification students only. 10 hours to work with and absorb the wisdom of CMI founder Josef Della.Grotte10 CMI Certification Credits