Deepening Access to Polyvagal Equanimity: Connecting Pathway Movement ‘Vectors’ with Breathing

by Cheryl

Date: Live via Zoom on Saturday, June 13, 11am – 1 pm

Building on our recent successful Zoom classes, we again welcome guest presenter, Professor Paul Davidovits, who will continue to explain scientific concepts in everyday language. He and Josef DellaGrotte, CMI Founder, will describe how to sense and utilize directions of force in our biological functional movements of life.

Josef will also show the CMI Pathway movements, define and locate the breathing muscles, and show how to feel and access them with hands-on techniques, using touch-movement feel and directional imagery. This work will produce quicker releases to expand and deepen access to Postural Polyvagal Equanimity. Paul will supplement our understanding by describing the physics and physiology of breathing.

In addition, Josef will connect ancient Taoist and Chinese medicine concepts to modern polyvagal theory: how emotions first target the major organs; locating these in specific organs; and ‘transforming’ negative harmful emotional energies and physical manifestations into positive life enhancing ones.

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