Learn Core Movement Integration Via Zoom: Part Two

by Cheryl
Eight weeks, January 13 – March 3, 2021
Wednesdays, 12:45pm – 2:00 pm, US Eastern Time
Approximately 50 – 60 minutes of general CMI, 15 – 20 minutes of CMI and violin/viola exploration
Class limited to six participants
Presenter: Kimi Hasegawa

This class is a continuation of our fall session. Prerequsites are completion of Part One (currently being repeated on Mondays) or clearance from the class presenter.

Topics to be covered are:

  • Review of abdominal access points and introduction of the rib gate access point
  • Mobilizing the ribs and connecting them to the spine, arm and neck
  • Pathways in hands and knees position and bridging position
  • Experiencing the floating leg and the floating arm
  • Leg lengthener exercise
  • Russian dancer exercise
  • Applying CMI to violin/viola playing

Taught by Kimi Hasegawa, lead teacher of the Core Movement Integration Training Institute, this class is limited to six participants to allow for individual attention. Please Note: This live Zoom class will be recorded.

$180 by check
$185 via PayPal (link below)
(PayPal price includes $5 for PayPal fee)

Included in the class price:

  • Weekly 60 minute Zoom class for seven weeks.
  • A minimally edited class video with a timed table of contents
  • 45 minutes total of one-on-one consultation to answer questions about class content with Kimi either via Zoom or in person

Questions? Contact Kimi

If you would like to take this class but the day and/or time don’t work for you, please email Kimi with suggestions for other days and/or times. And if the class is sold out, please click here to be added to our waiting list.

Sold OutRegular, Part Two185.00 USD
Recurring Zoom link will be sent on the Monday prior to the first class.

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