Walking for Lifelong Fitness – Improve the Way You Move

by ad-cmi

Enhance your own body and your practice with Core Movement Integration!

A two hour live seminar via Zoom
For Body Workers and Movement Practitioners 

Clients with CMI Experience are also welcome, space permitting.

Walk Comfortably and Easily

  • Expand your experience and knowledge of walking.
  • Use CMI’s 6 Movement Pathways to increase ease, speed, and power. 
  • Connect lower leg and foot to greater trochanter and spine.
  • Spread the effort of movement over your whole body.
  • Improve posture while walking.
  • Identify and release soft tissue and joint restrictions.
  • Recognize harmful movement patterns and correct them.
  • Learn CMI lesson-exercises that improve and reinforce optimal function.
  • Use CMI Access Points guide yourself and others in CMI integrated walking. 

Engage mind and body so movement flows efficiently.

Date: Sunday April 5 at 1pm via ZOOM

Location: This will be a live class conducted via Zoom.

Registration and Pricing: We will not be charging for this class since it is our first time conducting a class via Zoom. If you wish to participate, please send an email to Info@CoreMovementIntegration.com no later than 11am on Sunday.

Non-CMI Practitioners0.00 USDSunday Zoom seminar
Certificate Program Members0.00 USDSunday Zoom seminar
CMI Practioners0.00 USDSunday Zoom seminar
Clients0.00 USDSunday Zoom seminar
Your registration will be emailed after payment.