Embrace Winter with the Core Movement Integration Pathways: A Three-Part Monthly Series of Workshops

by Cheryl

Dates: Sundays January 10, February 7 and March 14, 2021
Time: 1:00 -2:30 pm

COMPLETEDSunday January 10 – Meet the Challenges of Winter with the CMI Pathways
Learn how to use the CMI Pathways to make winter chores such as shoveling snow and cleaning off your car easier, how to walk to minimize your chance of slipping on icy surfaces, and strategies for staying warm.

COMPLETEDSunday February 7 – Keep Moving Even When the Weather is Frightful
Learn four 10-15 minute exercise routines using CMI Pathways – Standing CMI Pathways, Sitting CMI Pathways, Walking Warm-Up, and CMI Arm Strengthening Pathways.

After this class you will receive a downloadable video to help you do the routines at home.

COMPLETEDSunday March 14 – The Ribs: A Forgotten Key to Good Movement, Posture and Health
We all know that the ribs protect our vital organs, the heart and lungs, but they do so much more! Rib stiffness limits and stresses your spine, shoulder, arm, and neck movements, and, of course, restricts breathing. In this workshop you will learn simple CMI Pathway lesson-exercises that increase awareness of your ribs and gets them moving again!

Individual classes: $30 early bird [deadline the Wednesday before each class (Jan 6, Feb 4, Mar 10)] and $35 regular

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Winter Series, Mar 1435.00 USDThe Ribs: A Forgotten Key to Good Movement, Posture and Health
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