Free Zoom Class: Hands-On Techniques

by Cheryl

Live via Zoom on Sunday, July 26, 1p – 3p
This class was originally scheduled for Saturday, July 12.

Goals of This Class

  • To help us determine the best way to teach Hands-On Techniques remotely
  • To give our Certification students and practitioners an opportunity to hone their Hands-On skills.

What the Class Will Cover

  1. Activities to increase sensory awareness of touch.
  2. CMI Pathways in supine and standing to increase feeling of connected, skeletal movement.
  3. Applying the feeling of connected movement, and visualization to touching and directing the receiving partner’s movement.
  4. Using CMI Access Points to facilitate the receiving partner’s movement.

The Basic Format of the Class

  • Participants will work in pairs. Each pair will be at a separate location.
  • A practitioner participant may work with another CMI practitioner or student, client, friend or family member. If your partner is not trained in CMI, you will not receive hands-on work and will have down time while the other pairs switch roles.
  • The teachers will also be in separate locations, each with a demonstration partner who could be a CMI practitioner or student, or could be a client/lay person.
  • One teacher will demonstrate and describe hand positions and her own movements as she works with her partner. The other teacher will monitor the pairs of participants on the Zoom screen as they work.
  • All participants will partake in teacher-led movement lessons.
  • Participant pairs will alternate giving and receiving hands-on work.
  • All participants will wear facial coverings.

Challenges That We See to This Method

  • Getting participants paired up in locations with tables. It is possible to work on the floor (our Italian colleagues always do this) but it is a little more challenging. Another option is to work on a mat on a sturdy table.
  • Arranging the camera device so that it shows the whole body of both giver and receiver of hands-on work. Participants will need to spend some time working this out before the class.
  • Not having a teacher present who can demonstrate to the receiving partner how the hands-on work should feel.

To participate in this class, please contact Kimi.
Want to know the details of how we will decrease the possibility of spreading Covid-19 during this class? Please contact Kimi for more information.