Masterful Movements

by Cheryl
Save and improve spine, hip joints, knees, ankles function using Josef DellaGrotte’s Five Rings Approach
With Josef DellaGrotte, Core Movement Integration founder and Feldenkrais practitioner and Arthur Madore, LMT, CFP-Feldenkrais & CMI trainer

Date: Sunday, May 22, 2022
Time: 10 am – 4 pm
On-Line Event: Zoom link will be provided
In-Person Event: Explore Pathways to Wellness, 13 Nason St, Maynard MA

“I took a few hours to do and repeat the first lesson from your Joints & Tissues course. Very interesting. I hope that all these movement patterns contribute to the somatic ‘intelligence’ that my right hip needs to carry on… a replacement… was even scheduled.  Thank you for these unique movements. I was able to even sleep much better… The lifting and the differences between left and right were the most remarkable… And now I am experiencing moments without any pain! I hope I found the clues.”

Nicoline van der Pas, Physical  therapist and Feldenkrais Practitioner Amsterdam, The Netherlands   

Josef will teach selected Core Movement Integration movement lessons in sitting, standing, supine and side-lying including:

  • tracking the pathway points of connection
  • applying self hands-on myofascial tracking 
  • breathing in sync
  • tracking and registering the sensory-emotive components and effects

Arthur will guide participants in hands-on work to deepen their understanding of Pathway movements. Participants will work on themselves as well as with a partner.

Registration Options

GroupDescriptionEarly Bird PriceRegular Price
All GroupsYou will attend Josef’s on-line presentations of the Movement lessons.IncludedIncluded
Group 1In-person participants in Maynard.  You will practice hands-on lessons on yourself and with a partner(s). Led by Arthur Madore.$125$150
Group 2On-line participants. Will practice movements & self- touch in a breakout room with Josef. No hands-on practice with another person.$80$100
Group 3On-line participants. Will practice hands-on lessons on yourself and with a practice partner that you provide. Led by Arthur Madore.$110$135

Please be sure to choose the number of registrations needed,

Group 1150.00 USD
Group 2100.00 USD
Group 3135.00 USD
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