Special Zoom Classes with Josef DellaGrotte

by Cheryl

The Core Movement Integration Training Institute is pleased to present its
founder Josef DellaGrotte (now ‘retired’ to Florida and Italy) in two LIVE Zoom classes on Saturday May 2 and May 9.

All are invited, movement professionals and lay persons alike: please register below. Because many people in the US, including therapists, are currently unemployed, we are using three tiers of prices. You may pick the price that you can afford in these difficult times.

Class 1 — Walking: The Best Exercise

This class was successfully completed on Saturday May 2, 2020.

Walking is the best single exercise that you can do – any time, almost any place.
It’s the best for your health, your fitness and it boosts your immune system.

—Josef DellaGrotte

Josef has spent decades exploring and defining the best ways to walk – how to generate power, how to reduce compressive forces, how the feet best contact the ground, and, most importantly, how the whole body moves to enhance walking, to make it easier and less stressful. A knee injury from running, competitive race walking, and recovery from knee replacement surgery have all influenced his thinking. Josef has recently divided the process of learning to walk well into 3 parts: Introduction, Basic Techniques, and Advanced Techniques, each with its own video.

Walking: Make the Best Exercise Even Better, Part One
Walking: Make the Best Exercise Even Better, Part Two
Walking: Make the Best Exercise Even Better, Part Three

Three guest speakers will be joining the class: Dr. Paul Davidovits, Professor of Chemistry at Boston College; Dr. John Ratey, Associate Clinical Professor of Psychiatry at Harvard Medical School and; Dr. Sandy Burkart, an orthopedic certified specialist in private practice. Click here to read more about these distinguished guests.

Class 2 — Integrating the Polyvagal and Posture

Date: Saturday May 9, 2020 — 1:00 pm – 3:00 pm EDT

We are living in an extraordinarily stressful time. Disease, financial insecurity, and social isolation all take their toll on our psychological and physical well-being. Crisis and anxieties can also be our opportunity to cultivate Polyvagal Equanimity, reducing our normal habitual psycho-physical reactions to stress.

Polyvagal practice with these specific exercises is an antidote also to the known damaging effects of sedentary sitting. It stimulates the pelvic floor, myofascial rhythms, and transforms negative energy sensations and feelings into calm, restful alertness.

—Josef DellaGrotte

Josef DellaGrotte has created a series of exercises that combine breathing and the dynamic sitting concepts of Core Movement Integration. In addition, he has drawn on Qigong Taoist healing practices, Eastern martial arts, Tibetan Buddhist practices of transforming negative energies, and the Polyvagal Theory of Stephen Porges to formulate this new psychophysical practice.

Please register below. After receiving your registration, we will send you the link to the Zoom class — and additional info — on the Friday prior to the class.

Make sure you choose the option for the price that you wish to pay. Suggested price for seniors and special groups is $10. Then enter the number of people you are paying for in the Quantity column on the correct line. After you press “Pay now” you will be taken to PayPal where you also have the option to pay with a credit card.

Tier 1, Polyvagal40.00 USDPolyvagal May 9
Tier 2, Polyvagal25.00 USDPolyvagal May 9
Tier 3, Polyvagal10.00 USDPolyvagal May 9
Your class information will be emailed after payment.

Alternately you can send a check to: CMITI, PO Box 322, Maynard, MA 01754