JOINTS & TISSUES: Improvement for Life

by Cheryl
Dr. DellaGrotte

With Josef DellaGrotte, PhD, MT-physio, GCFP-trainer

‘If you want to gain and enjoy another 10-20 years more of lasting, lifelong
wellness and fitness (as I have), join this course in Feldenkrais-based
myofascial movement using DellaGrotte-Core Movement Integration (CMI) Pathways’

Apply good movement principles to functional everyday activities

Core stability  ***  Mobility with balance
Posture with uplift and grounding ***  Relaxation with responsive alertness
Movements to maintain healthy joints and muscles
  ***  Confidence   ***  Energy

  • CMI core-pathways to strengthen the lower & upper body
  • Gravity-based vector alignment of your kinetic chain, feet–ankles–knees–hip joints–pelvic floor–to spine. 
  • Movements that bring awareness to and increase muscle & fascia flow.
  • Synchronized breathing for direct, automatic access to relaxation responses during exercise. 
  • CMI Pathway Variations for full integration with your daily life and chosen activities.

To order the four (4) class videos of the November 2021 sessions, click here.