Level 2 Certification

by ad-cmi

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The goal of CMI Level 2 Certification is to deepen the student’s understanding of Core Movement Integration and to be able to apply CMI to treat specific musculoskeletal problems. 


  • Applies CMI method to ameliorate client complaints and address specific diagnoses.
  • Teaches CMI Pathways and lesson-exercises to individual clients and classes in all positions using all Access Points.
  • Uses hands to track movement, identify points of connection and disconnection, and verify with client.
  • Uses multiple cues and images that resonate with the client.
  • Uses Pathways creatively with variations, combinations and alternate positions to accommodate client needs. 
  • Describes how brain and body influence each other.
  • Blends CMI with other movement and body work modalities.

Ways of learning

  • basic seminars/labs
  • advanced seminar/labs
  • grand labs
  • private/semi-private sessions with a certified practitioner
  • study groups
  • paired practice with a classmate 
  • observation of a certified practitioner at work
  • readings from book list with brief review of what was significant 
  • attendance at classes featuring other modalities such as Feldenkrais, Alexander technique (must be approved by the Teaching Team in advance)

Methods of testing

  • Student demonstration of a class or treatment session (may be video)
  • Write up of a class or treatment session – what worked and didn’t work
  • Client case history
  • Demonstration for instructors
  • Teacher observation of student at work, teaching a class or a private session